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A cry of victory. Often used to intimidate others by screaming unexpectedly.

“Woo-ha! I got you all in check!” Busta Rhymes
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expresses joy or points something out that is dope.
Whoohaa.. I got you all in Check!!! By Busta Rhymes
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slang for the female genitalia. commonly used by females as it sounds less vulgar than some of the alternatives.
Girl A would turn to girl B and state, “your skirt is so short i can practically see your wooha,” as an alternative to “your skirt is so short I can see your pussy.”
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An expression of excitement when one thinks something is “cool.”
WOOHA!! He’s masturbating to my voice!
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Wooha – (noun) – pronounced “wu-haw”

Disparaging term for Amerindian peoples. References the stereotypical war cries and whoops featured in media depictions of American Natives(Indians) in the 20th century.

I lent twenty dollars to that wooha, Kingfisher. He used it to buy a giant bag of hotdogs, but he never repaid me.
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It’s pronounced as “woo-hah”.

It’s referred to as your lover.

Hands off my wooha, and get your own.
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A word to describe porn. Used to discuss porn in normal conversation with out others konwing
can you bring over the woo-ha tonight?