Woo boy

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Woo boy
A white male in his late twenties to mid thirties at a sporting event, drinking some Millers, and randomly calling

“woo” as a mating call to his fellow woo boys.

Woo boys Brad and Chad wooed at each other during the entire 4th inning at the Pirates vs. whatever game.
Woo boy: define #2
You have the woo-girl. Unfortunately there is also woo-boys. Simply boys who goes “wooo” when they’re excited. This is often found in typical groups of Party Swedes. Read: Stureplan
Well, that’s a proper Woo-boy!
Woo boy: define #3
A Woo-boy is a middle aged white mail pedophile that drives a rusty, dented unmarked white van slowly near elementary schools and attempts to woo boys inside with stories of lost puppies or injured parents or gifts of candy. A Woo-boy is a child molester that takes a thrill in the hunt.
Mom: “here is your lunch Billy. Stay away from strangers or the woo-boy will snatch you”

Littly Billy: “Ok mom, I will”