Best definition
Wonkie:Something that is in less than perfect working condition but still somehow functions fairly well.

” We had a kitten wander up with a cast on a broken leg, it ended up giving him a wonkie leg the rest of his life….

The cat that wondered up had a wonkie leg, we kept him and called him “Wonkie”.

Wonkie: define #2
Disturbingly odd. Creepy. Unsettling.
I can’t help but stare at her wonkie eye.
Wonkie: define #3
A description of the effects of Ketamine. Usually used to convey a sense of unbalance or malaise.
Dude, Kevbo is feeling super wonkie. (Kevin speaking in 3rd person)
Wonkie: define #4
Humourous cartoon or caricature on political or satirical themes. Usually not very sophisticated in terms of drawing.
The wonkie about the recent elections in the paper last sunday was hilarious.
Wonkie: define #5
A young or rowdy male, particularly those who tend to party a lot.
Jeff’s such a wonkie. Last night he went to the bar and vomited all over Jim.
Wonkie: define #6
Out of sorts. Uneven. Unclear.
If I look at it to long my eyes go wonkie.