Best definition
Someone who often acts {wonky} or {Wack} or whose style can also be described as such.

Friend 1: That guy is so wonky.

Friend 2: yeah he’s such a wonker.
Wonker: define #2
A name used for a friend or acquaintance who is being stupid, oafish or awkward
Stop being a wonker! Ryan
Wonker: define #3
The largest of the three size classifications of the human penis, the sizes, in order, going like this:



Wow! John has a real Wonker.
Wonker: define #4
A wog wanker.
Wonkers can be seen strutting around with his mobile phone to his ear pretending he is talking to someone and he usually talks loud to attract more attention. He does not work, drives a car with a noisy exhaust, usually a ‘P’ plater, has no regard for the law, and thinks he is God’s gift to women.
Wonker: define #5
means a lot of stuff. invented by mese. 1)crazy 2)awesome, cool 3)as a verb (wonkering) means freaking out, going crazy

4) with no s (wonker) means penis

1/2) I love her! She is wonkers!

3) He lost his phone…man, he’s wonkering. (or going wonkers)

4) you’re a wonker (insult)
Wonker: define #6
Crazed, acting crazy, or group acting deliberately and stupidly crazed to gain a reaction.

Similar to “wankers” but derived from “bonkers” IE “gone bonkers”

IE “what a bunch of F..ng wonkers!”
Wonker: define #7
a combination of bonkers & wanker.
He’s a bit wonkers.