Best definition
1. A particularly lascivious bastard
2. One who engages in non-discreet ogling of the opposite sex
3. A person who plants cameras

underneath office desks
4. The act of planting cameras underneath office desks

1. Man, that guy is such a Wong!

2. KDub wonged the new girl’s cube.
Wong: define #2
A surname of an Asian person.
Hello. My name is Janet Wong.
Wong: define #3
This word is some kind of a new style to say Anal Pleasure

you can put wong and style together .

have you done the Wongstyle yet?

the first time doing the Wongstyle be kind please .

Wong: define #4
a homosexual chinese man who usually has trouble with the english language. This individual preferes to have sexual relations with multiple guys at a time. wong’s have also been known to be frequent stalkers.
watch your anus, wong is coming.
Wong: define #5
When you replace the word wrong and it also makes fun of a Chinese motherfucker it also can start a group to laugh and once you say it others will to
What WONG mom


your name is over used WONG

Wong: define #6
A noob. Someone easily pwned.
Dude…I totally pwned that wong
Wong: define #7
an Asian man’s penis, this word is related to the word wang but that is for non-asians
I have a Big Wong ting ting tong.