Best definition
Won and owned combined; to own someone and declare victory.Origin: an unintentional misspelling of “owned” that backfired (see example).

Bob: My mom caught me masturbating in the washroom today… FML

Jonathan: WONED

Bob: The noob spelled it wrong

woned: define #2
One step farther than pwned, woned means to own severly. In gaming, the term owned means to dominate certain aspect of the game. Woning usually implies turning back the tide to your advantadge in a surprising motion.
-Rush in, GO GO, we got them…

-OMG what happened ?!



-How did last game go?

-Woow we got so raped…I mean basically woned.

woned: define #3
When somebody is under the influence of Cocaine or Ecstasy/MDMA (Wired) and under the influence of Cannabis (Stoned). Therefore making the person Woned.
Sam: “Hey did you go to that party on Saturday”

Riley: “Yeah dude, I was so fucking woned”

woned: define #4
Similar to “owned” but is only capable of being achieved by the most leet players.
joe woned bob matt and john while blind using only his sense of sound.
woned: define #5
This word originated in the the online game, “Counter-Strike.” This word, unlike “pwned” or “owned,” supposedly is the most respected win in a game. For instance, in CS, if i killed their entire team, then i would have woned their team. (2)Wonish – can be used to describe somebody’s lack of skill.
OMGOSH!!! DOOGIE! I so just woned your entire team!!!

Paul, you are so wonish.
woned: define #6
The history of the word Woned Spans Thousands Of Years, to befre the age of Jesus of Nazareth. Judeans used to use this word to describe things with huge genetailia, or Inbred looking Faces.
Luke woned tht noob with connor, they no longer use words like pwnd or owned.