Wonderland Online

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Wonderland Online
WLO is a MMORPG where people waste their time and money to get their online personas a good reputation (somewhat

akin to MapleStory). There are people who pose as your “friend” for personal gain, and can turn on you at any given moment. To be fair, there ARE nice people out there who are glad to help others out, but they are /quite/ scarce.The world channel is a spamming hotspot, and characters sit around on Starter’s Beach once they hit reborn, and alternate between just sitting there with their wifey/hubby/sis/gf/bf, PVP-ing each other to show off their “mad skills,” and throwing water balls at people to piss them off.As a friend of mine summarizes, it is “a game infested with in game dating drama and scammers of all sorts. there are beggars everywhere begging you to lvl them up fast and help them with quests and ask for gold, the currency used in this game…horny pedophiles hitting on teenage girls randomly for their sexual pleasures.”Ah, yes, how can we exclude those pedophiles we all know and love…and they aim for under-teens as well.. >_>

A typical scenario on Wonderland Online, perhaps on a Local Channel. Player Two is a cocky reborn/high level player and Player One likes to start problems-

Player One: Yo, green guy.

Player Two: me?!

Player One: Yeah. You. You ugly, bro

Player Two: Wtf?! who are u!!!

Player One: God.

Player Two: noway! i’m reporting u right after i spawn ur noob ass!

Player One: Umad, bro? Have fun trying. >| -logs out-

(Note: There is a handy little option of turning PVP mode off)

Another scenario with a pedophile and a naive youngster.

Player One: hi, cutie. want to hav some fun? 🙂

Player Two: hello! and sure !

Player One: how old are u ? 🙂

Player Two: i’m nine! how old are you?

Player One: i’m 35, baby.

Player Two: Ohhh, uhm my mommy told me not to talk to strange men.

Player One: dnt u worry, sweety, i’ll make u feel real good 😉 When my wife isnt home, y dont u come over and play?

Player Two: oo, sure! can i bring some friends along?

Player One: yah, sure, the more the merrier