Wonder Showzen

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Wonder Showzen
Imgaine if you locked the creators of Sesame Street in a dark room for about three weeks and gave them

nothing but crack and LSD. This is what they’d come up with…the funniest and most fucked up show EVER.

I could only imagine how frightening that show would be while on acid. I’d probably lock myself in a closet for about a week out of sheer terror.
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wonder showzen
mad hilarious mtv2 ish… Get ready to be offended and be laughing at someone else in the same moment. Like Guinness. BRILL- YANT!!!!!
i watch WONDER SHOWZEN and constructive criticism class is a breeze!!!!
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wonder showzen
Show primarily on mtv2 (sometimes on mtv), which at first glance comes off as a kids show , but upon further inspection becomes evident that if indeed your kid did watch this show , they would grow up to be :

a) A pedophile/child pornographer

b) A permanent assylum resident

c) A drug addict


d)George Bush’s personal assistant.

.. in other words its a work of genius .. just not for people under 15.

Beth: Wonder showzen is cool.

Anne: Yeah me and my daughter used to watch it all the time.

Beth: O you have a daughter? Where is she?

Anne:Dead. She hung herself from the crib.She was only 2 months.

Beth: Omg! Thats so horrible! What happened?

Anne: We planned it. So we could send the video to Wonder Showzen.

Beth: Ohhhh hahaha!I loved that clip! *high five*
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wonder showzen
Here’s what Wonder Showzen is:

Take 1 (one) concept of a children’s show, and twist and mutilate the shit out of it for about 10 minutes. Then stretch it out and rub it underneath your crotch like a bath towel. Then throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Then take a piss and a shit on it. Then pour your Heineken on it and light it on fire. Then piss out the fire. Then dump LSD pills and used syringes on it. And then roll it up into a huge Zig-Zag paper and smoke it. And VOILA!! Wonder Showzen!!!

Wonder Showzen is the funniest, most twisted thing I have ever seen on the television screen. If Philo Farnsworth (inventor of the television) knew what Wonder Showzen was back when he was inventing TV, he’d immediately cancel all of his plans and immediately proceed to shoot himself in the head.
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wonder showzendrugs
a fucked up show that messes with your head hardcore, especially if you are tripping balls at 3:00 in the morning. totally suggest watching it if you have some shrooms handy.
i watched wonder showzen last night and now i wanna try every drug there is possible and kill everyone.
Wonder Showzen: define #6
A German magic show usually made up of 3 parts, with an intermission between each. The magicians are known for their sequence outfits and are known as some of the most skillful magicians in the world.
Dom wanted to go to magic show, so he attended the Wondershowzen in Little Germany.
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wonder showzen
a very funny mtv2 show. they call it “kids show” but clearly, IT IS NOT FOR KIDS!!!!!
Kids show,

Kids show,

Oh good lord its the kids show.

Kids show,

Kids show,

Change the channel for kids…..