Best definition
A odd or off shaped object.

That football is shaped all wompy
Wompy: define #2
Another term for vagina
“My Wompy Hurts”

“Stop acting like a wompy”
Wompy: define #3
something that is crooked or not right
that is such a wompy thing to say
Wompy: define #4
Adjective, can be used to describe most if not all dubstep songs. The level of womp-ness a song contains determines if it is in fact, wompy, and to what degree.

The level of wompy-ness can usually be determined by the reaction of the crowd, and a quick glance at everones facial expressions. If the expressions seem angry, yet composed, the music is likely womp-tastic!

*in a club*

Rave Nerd 1- Awh shit dawg Skrillex is coming on!

Rave Nerd 2- I’m a big fan of his music! It’s rather wompy!

Extreme uses- Dude i’m rolllin nutz these basslines are so wompy, i can feel them in my toenails!

Wompy: define #5
When a girl gives u oral sex and it is mad good.
Diana mcman loves giving wompies
Wompy: define #6
Wompy means “crap” basicly. Just another way of saying it!
Ex : What the wompy are you doing?!
Wompy: define #7

on girls: little baby hairs around the edge of their ponytails that stick or curl out

My wompies are all over the place today.

I need some hairspray to deal with my wompies.