Best definition
The act of dancing to dub-step music.

Dude I feel horrible today…way too much womping last night at that Ghostland concert!
Womping: define #2
the act of bodysurfing shorebreak.

you get womped to the shore in the act.

the womp yesterday was epic. womping so tight dogg.
Womping: define #3
Tripping fucking balls on whippets
“Dude are we gonna go womping tonight then hit up stillife?”
Womping: define #4
The act of making a song worse by adding dubstep wabbles into every break of the original song.
Dude i hate when people just go around womping all my favorite songs
Womping: define #5
To own someone or something in a competitive event.
I was hybridding at Mage bank and was womping kids.
Womping: define #6
to exceed satisfactory expectations.
the film was womping.
Womping: define #7
the art of placing ones tongue apon a dogs anus and moving it around in a circlular motion.
i came home to discover my brother womping fluffy.