Best definition
Prior to engaging in sexual intercourse (predominantly homosexual), a male will rid himself of his entire pubic hair and keep

it within reach during a sexual act. Once the male explodes hot sticky semen all over the face of his sexual partner, he will proceed to throw the remains of his pubic hair in the face of his sexual partner, shouting “WOLFMAN!!!!”

Is that a beard you’re growing or did someone WOLFMAN!!! you?

My boyfriend and I had a hot Wolfman sesh last night, and I’m still coughing up hair.

Wolfman: define #2
A term perceived as insulting by many werewolves, especially feminist werewolves. In addition to being associated with bad Hollywood stereotypes, the word “wolfman” is sexist as it neglects all female werewolves. In light of the recent movie starring Benicio del Toro, female werewolves have begun fervent protests against the blatant use of outdated terms.

Non-sexist terms which should be substituted for “wolfman” include:



-wolfmyn (used by werewolves who espouse radical feminism)


(Example One – From the Werewolf Declaration of Independence)

Document: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all wolfmen are created equal…

Female scholar: The use of “wolfman” in this document is archaic and demeaning toward female weres!

(Example Two – Conversation between a werewolf and her boyfriend.)

Feminist werewolf: Don’t you understand how “wolfman” discriminates against the majority of werewolves, but how “wolfmyn” is inclusive?

Boyfriend: I do, but it’s still a stupid misspelling.

Wolfman: define #3
1: big hairy guy who owns a crazy beast-dog and is really a big softy under all that fur – unless you eat his scooby-snacks…2: aaawooooo!!!!grrrowlf!!!
oh shit! dont mess with that guy – he’s a wolfman!
Wolfman: define #4
The most godlike man ever to walk the earth.
girl 1:omg did you see wolfman today?!

girl 2: yea he’s so sexy I’m creaming!!!!
Wolfman: define #5
V. When in the act of sexual intercourse you pull out and ejaculate on the girls face and then you throw your pubic hair (that you previously trimmed and have on your night stand) on her face and yell WOLFMAN
Do you wolfman on the first date?
Wolfman: define #6
To shotgun a beer by biting a hole in the side of the can (instead of punching the hole with a key or some other device).
Did you see that guy wolfman that beer? His entire mouth was bleeding!
Wolfman: define #7
A man who – do to chronic masturbation – finds his palms are covered in pubic hair. Therefore he becomes the Wolfman.
Ken Gosh darn I hope my chronic masturbation wont turn me into a werewolf

David Oh don’t be silly Ken that only happens in the movies!

Narrator: cough-wolfman-cough