Best definition
The term wolfie refers to how a person feels when they witness something so powerfully awkward, that they themselves feel

awkward. The difference between feeling awkward and feeling wolfie is that you feel wolfie when you have taken no part in the actual uncomfortable exchange. These wolfie feelings can be experienced in real life, tv, movies, etc.

When your boss comes in and yells at your office-mate, you feel wolfie.

When you watch The Office, you feel wolfie.

When you are present while a couple is having a fight, you feel wolfie.

Extreme PDA had been known to cause severe feelings of wolfieness.

Wolfie: define #2

…an original, living in The Big Woods…

…not related to any Pretenders or Namesakes, past present or future…

…humanoid, but distinctively instinctively Canis Lupus…

…lives with dogs…


…is very sneaky…

…not to be messed with, or taken lightly…
….where is wolfie?
Wolfie: define #3
1. A Jewish Werewolf. 2. A Werewolf of Jewish decent.
On 30 Rock the song/video featuring Tracy Jordan, Werewolf Bat mitzvah is a humorous video about a Wolfie coming of age.
Wolfie: define #4
A girl or boy that like to dress up in cosplay, always wolf type cosplay outfits.

Often girls dress as wolfies, they are also very cute, but shy and socially awkward.

they often like being called “Wolfie” to be make the cosplay feel like it’s actually real.

Empathy: “Hey, Wolfie. How are you today, because you look cuter then ever!”

“Wolfie”: *whispering voice* “I’m okay…. Thanks…”

Wolfie: define #5
A person who is extremely horny all the time and is obsessed with tits and nipples. One who only has one night stands and hates relationships. He is extremely hot and a complete player. He is not jewish but on full moons he turns into a jewish werwolf. Will hump anything he can get his hands on! Always talks himself up to hook up with dem hot bitches. blue eyes blond hair. Watch out a wolfie will slay you
(Nickiboy)at least you dident go all wolfie on us and hump us.

(Sawyer)He pulled a wolfie on shani last night, it was so funny.

(Lewi)i could soo pull a wolfie if i wanted to!

(Joel) hahahah funny lewis

Wolfie: define #6
The alter ego of somebody, more commonly their more negative side or aggressive side.
I’m sorry that you had to see my Wolfie…
Wolfie: define #7
Can be a way of saying a fanboy/fangirl of Wolfmother.

Can be a way of saying awkward.

The transdressing wolf in Shrek 4 is called Wolfie by Rumplestiltskin.

If someone is of wolfish persona/appearance they are refered to as wolfie.

Man, he is wolfie!