wolf bagger

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wolf bagger
Wolf bagging occurs when a penis is fucking an ass hetero/homo and before climax you reach around in stick your fingers down the fuckee’s throat causing them to gag and tighten the anus thus enhancing pleasure for the fucker during climax.
I was so drunk last night I had to pull a wolf bagger so I could cum.
wolf bagger: define #2
Someone who wraps up a rabid wolf in a tesco “bag for life”. This wolf must me wild and un-trained. The wolf is then executed and raped (in no particular order, although live wolves tend to bite).
1. “Shit, i went wolfbagging the other day and caught this 18st grey motherfucker. He couldn’t chew through my bag for life though.”

2. “Damn, He lost his balls?”

” Yeah, Matt Hanna always had a tendency to rape the live ones. Poor son of a bitch.”

“Well, he was a wolfbagger. Learnt not to fuck with wolves the hard way”

wolf bagger: define #3
Having sex with a wolf whilst inside a large bag.
Clayton can’t come to the phone right now, he’s busy wolfbagging.