Best definition
A word used when one has a great feeling of awe. Can be used in many situations, good or bad.

when something unexpected or when something extraordinary or even something remotely interesting, happens.

1) Did you check out that girl, Woi, she was fit i tell ya

2) Woi, check out all the mandems, you get me BO

3) Woi that film was damn good

Woi: define #2
Woi is sometimes used by Filipinos instead of oi. Common uses are in messaging online. It often expresses deeper or blunter feelings than just oi.
Woi, stop being such a mama’s boy, let’s hit on those chicks man.

You have no right to insult me, woi, you started it!

WOI, let’s go partayyy!
Woi: define #3
An expression of happiness

If something funny or good happened, one can shout ‘WOI’
I banged that gash, WOI

WOI, mental day off tomorrow
Woi: define #4
Woi is a word typically used by the Haitian Culture. It is known to represent being surprised or shocked.
Trey: “You know I heard Christina started stripping?”

Alexis: ” Woi! Again?”