Best definition
an expression of sad tidings or events.

we’ve run out of toilet paper? Woeful…
woeful: define #2
Said when something bad, or unfunny happens. Different tones are used for different scenarios

*Psychopathic Woeful*

Shouted at the top of someone’s voice until veins start appearing on forehead, used after something so bad it’s beyond belief.

*Low tone Woeful*

Goes very deep, and said slowly, usually when something boring or pointless is about to happen.

*Mark Lawrenson Woeful*

Type in “Pluck That Tash” on Google and play the game to find out the sound, used after poor football or sporting skills are shown.

*Normal Woeful*

Gay Person: Oh my! You’re the filling of an Idiot Sandwich! *Chuckle*

Normal Person: *Psychopathic Woeful*

Gay Person: (Explaining the lesson ahead in double Electronics)

Normal Person: *Low Tone Woeful*

Gay Person: (Trips over trying to do a Maradona style turn in a football game)

Normal Person: *Mark Lawrenson Woeful*

Gay Person: Biology ain’t that bad really.

Normal Person: (Pauses and Stares) *Normal Woeful*