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Woman Of Color, or Women Of Color.
The acronym WOC is often used in personal ads, such as those on craigslist.

Newly single seeking young WOC.
WOC: define #2
MD,DC,VA area slang word that means: Waste Of Cum.
Flavor flav is such a woc
WOC: define #3
W.O.C A.K.A Waste of Cum. Best way to describe how worthless someone is or someone no body likes and should have been a jack off.
Jeff is such a fucking W.O.C

Your the largest W.O.C ever

That store is full of W.O.C’s

My 8th grade Math teacher is a W.O.C
WOC: define #4
Worthless old cunt, withered old cunt
Worthless old cunt, withered old cunt.

The WOC {worthless old cunt} forgot to call me back

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WOC: define #5
to be way outta control
That bitch is woc!!


This party is woc!!
WOC: define #6
Term for cow’s milk invented in the ’60s in an Illinois middle school as an experiment in linguistic divergence.
I like woc and cookies.

Did you hear about happened to Ken? Somebody told a joke and he shot woc out his nose!
WOC: define #7
wanker on cam
He is a woc.