wobblin gobblin

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wobblin gobblin
The unofficial nickname for the F-117 nighthawk stealth attacker.It was named this because of it’s aerodynamic instablility. It also went by the hopeless diamond, and cockroach.
Pilot#1: so what was you’re transfer to? Pilot#2: An F-117. Pilot#1: Ha looks like you’re flying the wobblin gobblin!
wobblin gobblin: define #2
Wobblin Gobblin
The term given to inebriated young women who is struggling to walk (due to their inebriation) and looking to gobble some cock (male penis)
“hey guys lets go look for some wobblin gobblins”

“that party is full of wobblin gobblins, you wanna go get our dicks sucked?”