Best definition
the most awe inspiring person on the earth. wonderful musical taste, all around the best. makes your heart skip a

beat when you know you’re speaking to the one person in the world who makes you feel butterflies in your stomach.

i wish i was almost as smart as wobbie, he is so amazing.
wobbie: define #2
A term used to decribe a fat womans hairy vagina. If chewbacca had a vagina that is what a wobbie would look like.
I guarantee you that girl has a wobbie in her pants!
wobbie: define #3
A Fat Fuck, thats basically it.
Quick acting like Wobbie you fat fuck,
wobbie: define #4
The belly fat that you can shake at you friends, when hangin by the pool, lake or on a boat.
How do you like this Wobbie? (a middle age woman or man shaking the skin and fat where her abs should be)