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A group of sickass kids that love to drink piss, piss on each other and eat shit in Rutherford new Jersey, famous for wizing on themselfs and licking the shit out of lyndhurst kids asses.Enjoy messing with these losers. They can’t even find themselfs let alone their way home!.But, You should keep a bit of distance or you’ll get some of their WIZ Skank on you!Most famous for when they stand in a cirlce and Wiz/piss on each other. WIZketeers go around wizing on anything, everything and love to eat shit.weapon of choice: WIZ/piss, Tongue and lipsorigin: Wizzer Skank, Skankland, Wizroom, bathroom
Yo, there goes those WIZ Skank WIZketeers grab a water hose, we’ll threaten to clean them up and then we can watch them run like hell?

No way dude I just took a bath and I don’t want any of that wizketeers on me!

weapon of choice: WIZ/piss, Tongue and lips

origin: Wizzer Skank, wizeteria, Skankland, Wizroom, bathroom

wizketeers: define #2
A group of badass kids in rutherford new jersey, famous for kicking the shit out of lyndhurst kids. dont mess with them they will find you. and kill you.

weapon of choice: fist

origin: basketball practice

Yo wana go jump those kids?

no way dude those are wizketeers!