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wizards chess
A game in which you drink beers and duck tape them together to create a wizards staff. The next beer

must be taped at the highest point of your staff and so on. Once you have reached 5 beers you become a dark wizard and must battle the dragon of jack ( take a shot of jack). Then when you reach 8 beers you must slay the rum beast (shot of rum). Finally when you reach a 10 beer staff you are a white wizard and must take a shot of each and challenge another white wizard to a staff battle and your staff must come out on top to take his position as the white wizard. The main point of the game is to have the tallest staff. Once you have reached a 20 beer staff youll probly have to sit on the damn roof just to drink it.

John: hey dude im all sorts of bored

Jeff: lets play wizards chess until our staffs reach the moon