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The Wiz Attendant for the Wizroom.The Wizar will not be found in average public Wizrooms. Wizars, Wizzars, Wiz Tenders are

the attendants that pass out towels, cologn and other types of toiletries.Some times even chocolate. Wizars are found mostly in Executive, prominent and uppidy Wizrooms reserved for the SO-CALLED upper class. Wizar, Wizar also known as a Wiz-Tender person, usually one who keep piss in a jar in a freezer.
Wizar/Wizzar: Would you like a towel Sir?

Executive: Why yes I would. Do yo have those little bocks of cholcolates?

Wizar/Wizzar Attendant: I am sorry Sir, we are all out of chocolate today!

Executive: This is a very important issue I will most certainly bring to the CEO’s attention!

Wizar: define #2
something is really good.better than excellent
that new shirt is wizar