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Any person, situation, or action that is deemed stunningly and/or embarassingly stupid. Implies contempt, disapproval.
“That’s some witchychicky shit right there bro.”
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Used as a euphamism for stupid.
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Witchychicky – Mind numbingly stupid or moronic to the point of causing enraged outbursts

The term witchychicky originated on the show 2 Sense, an online radio show featuring 2 The Ranting Gryphon. The term witchychicky is taken from the name of a moronic neopets player who threatened to sue someone for using her name on a list of stupid RPG players. Upon hearing this 2 implemented the name as a way of saying “You stupid bitch”.

Apperently this worked seeing how the use of the term landed it on this site. Witchychicky = Stupid Biatch!!

“That is some real witchychicky bullshit!”
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Witchy Chicky

A euphemism for ‘silly illiterate bitch’


to call something ‘wtchy chicky’ is to call it extremely stupid


2 the ranting gryphon (www.ranting-gryphon.com) said this in an episode of ‘2Sense’. and he now uses it fairly often.


“what a witchy chicky bitch”


” thats some Witchy Chicky shit!”

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A euphemism for stupid, moronic. From the second epside of ‘2 Sense’, where a listener sent in an email about a stupid kid who called herself witchychicky.
That’s some witchychicky shit.
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Adjective used to describe something that is unnervingly insane or outrageous.
” That’s some witchychicky shit going on over there! “
witchychicky: define #7
1. A word use to describe anything that is remarkably stupid.

2. A word used to describe something which is so dumb it is somewhat disturbing.
Carla is so witchychicky she cut her foot off because she thought it was haunted.