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A Neighborhood in lower Northeast Philadelphia. Sandwiched between Mayfair to the North, Frankford to the West and Bridesburg to the

South, Wissinoming, or “Wiss”, struggles with its own identity. Known almost solely for its enormous park (Wissinoming Park of course). This park was once owned by the famous photographer Robert Cornelius, who took the first photograph of a human. Also, although named the Frankford Yellow Jackets, the stadium for this historic football team was located in Wissinoming.In the past few decades, Wissinoming’s crime rate has increased tremendously.

“Who wants to go to Wiss park?”

“Wissinoming Redskins is the best rec team in the city!”

“Dudes who call Wiss “Lower Mayfair” or “LMFR1″ are totally assholes”

WDC for life!