Best definition
a Large physical specimen, usually having a genetic superiority :often times a member of the Wirth family will have a

perfect combination of 24 Chromosomes that make muscle grow and work more rapidly than others,Wirth males also have a larger Phallus (penis) than other males.

He must be a Wirth

Oh my his last name is Wirth, that explains it

WIRTH: define #2
a wirth is the middel man in a 3-way buttfuck
christian was the wirth at the gay bathouse last night and today he is very sore
WIRTH: define #3
1)The act of doing something stupid.

2)The last two notes of the “Wirth’s an idiot” song, indicating a stupid act (Db,Eb).

1) Look! Matt just pulled another Wirth!

2) Tarfow just dropped his sticks again! Some one, play a wirth!

WIRTH: define #4
Any post on social media where the poster admits what they are really thinking or hoping will happen after they post their pic
I love when someone’s not afraid to admit their WIRTH!

Oh Damn!…she just dropped her WIRTH!

He’s not afraid to show himself….he just dropped his WIRTH!