Best definition
1. A fat bitch with more rolls than every bakery in america.
2. Generally fatter than most of america combined, except

for her equally fat lover wordOnix11/word and almost as fat brother wordVC/word.

WiredLain: define #2
Very obese – the female version of VC, has extremely bad tempers, and is always filled with jealousy.

Has the physical capacity to make an iron bed collapse during sex.

The Female-Synonym for Onix11 and VC.
1) Don’t pull a WiredLain because you’ll probably break your bed!

2) I saw a WiredLain ordering 50 quarter pounders at McDonalds yesterday.
WiredLain: define #3
Proper Noun: Some fat overweight bitch with a twat as wide as Malaysia. Online dates another fucking fatass named Onix11, or chubs. No one likes her, and we promptly avoid her. Mog likes to call out “moo” whenever she’s near, because if we shot that fucking whore in the head, we could eat her ribs and make a damn fine BBQ for Africa.
VC Onix11

PN: WiredLain lives life a Quarter Pounder at a time.

WiredLain: define #4
Female version of Onix11 (her boyfriend) and VC (her brother)
A: “Look at the fat chick” B: “What a WeirdLain”