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A medium-sized mining town in north eastern in Nevada located on I-80 with a population of about 7,500.There’s a Walmart

and a bunch of fast food restaurants, some farms and a big-ass potato factory.Some people like it, some people dont.

Me: I just moved to Winnemucca, I kinda like it here

local teen: What?!? This place f**king sucks!

Winnemucca: define #2
otherwise known as ‘the mucc’ a place that really sucks and is really dirty. theres nothing to do except get wasted and have sex. usually full of douchey turds or turdy douches. and half the people have STDs.
Jonny:dude this place is a winnemucca.

Chase:i know! i got hella wasted and laid and dont even remember it! and i got these warts…its not good.

Jonny:what we doing tomorrow?

Chase: idk i gotta take my kid to daycare and im gonna get some high school chicks.

Jonny: But we’re 24!

Chase: I know!!!
Winnemucca: define #3
A small desert town in Nevada with truck stops and A whore house.

It’s boring and there’s nothing to do there besides go to the skate park, get wasted or loiter at one of the fast food chain restaurants there.

Kitty/Kat: Hey, let’s go watch the hot skater guys at the skate park.

Courtney/Miss Poprocks: Nah, let’s go get money from my parents and get wasted at your house.

Kitty/Kat: Fair ’nuff. There’s nothing else to do in Winnemucca…