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Wink wink
Wink wink…figuratively or literally u wink mb even an invisible nod meaning I know you u know me and ur

secret is safe with me without saying a word even if you don’t like each other same as the stoners creed

“Wink wink” yes we know each other and yes we don’t like each other fact is we know the stoners creed ur secrets are safe with me
Wink wink: define #2
All of the following: Cat, sandals, closet, sex, the internet, marijuana, to steal, the Simpsons.
After I watched winkwink, put on my winkwinks and went on the winkwink to winkwink a winkwink. Later my winkwink-friend came over and we utilized some winkwink and then winkwinked in the winkwink.
Wink wink: define #3
wink wink
When 2 or more people make love. (Fuck)
I can’t believe me and Ashley wink winked last night.
Wink wink: define #4
A term used by slut faced whores who are trying to steal your man. Often used in a sexual way.
We need to talk Friday night. WINK WINK
Wink wink: define #5
wink wink
a cute hi to say hello…or another way to break the silence in a chat
wink wink.. how are you?

wink wink… im bored