Best definition
An effort made by a good friend to suss out a crowd and find a potential score for a mate(hook).

The person taking care of the wingage needs to make sure that the potential score (bait) has all the right criteria – this should be previously discussed and agreed upon before the wingage mission begins. This person is also to nod in agreement to all the baits wonderful perceptions of the hook – so that all goes down well (line and sinker) The code word to abort the wingage mission is NO FISH.NOTE: the criteria is bound to be a little more complex for a woman than for a man. Please don’t let this dissuade you from being a ‘wingage’ partner for your girlfriends.

I went out last night and offered some superb wingage to my friend Lee, he did the walk of ‘i am a god’ this morning.
Wingage: define #2
Any sort of flying instrument resembling a Han glider or wings.
“I must acquire some wingage.”

“Yes, that would need some wingage.”