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Windy City
Nickname of Chicago, the best city in the world.

I’m coming back to the Windy City!
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Windy City
nickname for chicago

Orgin:late 1800’s

place not really windy. in the late 1800 It was coined in a newspaper to give it a bad name just so an annual grand carnival could redirect to new york instead.

Nickname just stuck and is used alot now.

“Windy City!! What’s Up CHI TOWN!!!”
Windy City: define #3
windy city
Nickname of Chicago, Illinois. Most tourists to the city don’t understand why it’s called “the windy city”. The reason is because of the politicians.
I represent da windy city, aka CHI-Town
Windy City: define #4
windy city
What tourists call Chicago, even though it draws snide looks from us natives.
Tourist: Golly! Now I know why they call this the Windy City.

Chicagoan: Oh, Jesus…
Windy City: define #5
windy city
city of chicago, most stupid ass tourists call it tha windy city, and u gonna get a bitch ass look from sumbody dat is a native frum tha city, like me!
toruist: “chicago really is tha windy city!”

me:” shut yo stupid ass up dis be CHI-TOWN BABY!”
Windy City: define #6
windy city
When a male is about about to bust in a girl’s face, he pinches off his load and makes grunting noises like he’s ready to cum in her face. She blinks her eyes like she’s in a windgust, and then he blows it in her hair.
Dude, last night, Wes, from Chicago, gave this girl a windy city! She was so pissed!!
Windy City: define #7
windy city
Having a chick fart in your mouth and immediately open-mouth kissing the fart into her mouth.
That Karen chick said she was down for a windy city, but she just couldn’t fart.