Best definition
Another way of spelling “window”. It must be ok, because if you google “windwow” you come up with thousands

and thousands of hits – even linked to companies who manufacture and sell windows.
This word originated back in the early ’70s when my sister typed up a Christmas poem parody I wrote called “Christmas in the ’70s” as a parody of “T’was the Night Before Christmas”.
Anyway, the last lines in the poem went like this:
He staggared to his sleigh and his team made a fixture,
And away they all flew, like a horror picture.
But I heard him exclaim, from his sleigh window sill,
“I’ll sue you if you don’t pay the bill!”
But she made a typo when she typed “window”… she actually typed “windwow”. In fact that was the only mistake she made in typing up the entire thing. This was like the fourth time she had typed it in because I complained about other typos in previous drafts.
So when I complained about “windwow”, she grabbed it and put a line through the second “w” and gave it back to me, and that’s when I realized that she wasn’t going to type it in a fifth time. I think it was at that very moment when I ceased in being a perfectionist.
Anyway, since that fateful day, whenever I wrote the words “window” or “windows”, I intentionally spelled it “windwow” or “windwows” instead. This is especially noteworthy since I now work as a columnist for a computer magazine and have to write things about Microsoft Windwows a lot. It drives my editor crazy.

Microsoft Windwows sure crashes a lot.