window warrior

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window warrior
A term usually used in any prison or lockup situation where a person talks shit from behind the safety of

a window in an attempt to look like a hard ass. The goal of the window warrior is to put up a facade that he wants to fight when in reality he does not.
Often conflicts occur in a rec yard or rec area. When the window warrior sees that there is someone who can beat his ass in the rec yard, he may start screaming and making gestures at the person to put on a display that he wants to fight. This will cause the correctional officer to keep the two separate at all times in the future to prevent the conflict, benefiting the window warrior because he doesn’t have to face the conflict and get beat up or punked out in front of everyone. He can then continue to talk shit from behind the safety of his window while maintaining his tough image to his fellow inmates.

“He doesn’t really want to fight. He’s just a bitch ass window warrior.”
window warrior: define #2
window warrior
a person who is so much of a bitch that they have to talk shit to people out of a car then drive off like they are hot shit only in reality they are little pussies
(a guy yells at some skateboarders)

boarder #1: dude that guy was a dick

boarder #2: yeah i know, i hate window warriors

window warrior: define #3
Window Warrior
A paranoid tweaker who is constantly peeking out of windows for no apparent reason, searching for something that may or may not ever be there.
Stop being a fucking window warrior and get some sleep.