Best definition
wilton high school gymnastics
1. one word: hottttt
2. coolest girls you will ever meet
3. talented
4. pain, what does that mean?
5. celery celery crunch crunch….we’re

6. the funnest team to ever be on
7. more than cool to watch—it’s full of serious, driven girls

Dude, those WHS gymnasts are awesome.
wilton high school gymnastics: define #2
wilton high school gymnasticssports
….wait what gymnastics team?
“What did you do last night man?”

-wilton kid # 1

“Ohh I tried to outdrink some new canaan kids… I lost though” – wilton kid # 2

“Oh that’s a shame… maybe you can go drink your sorrows away, and then hookup with one of the those “NASTy” hoes on our gymnastics team…” – wilton kid # 1

“wait, we have a girls gymnastics team?” Wilton kid # 2

“…i know … i thought they were the guys gymnastics team first time i looked at ’em…”- Wilton kid # 1

“I think I passed out yesterday after like 2 beers… maybe if I could hold myself for another round, I might actually start to find one of them attractive.” – Wilton kid # 2

“Quite doubtful.” Wilton kid # 1