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willie dee’s
ORIGIN: not exactly known
DEFINED: A stictly local slang term used in the Greater Charleston (SC) and Tri-County area (Charleston,

Berkely, and Dorchester) in reference to NIKE AIR FORCE ONE’s. Not even other South Carolinians use the term “Willie Dees” to discribe their Nike Air Force Ones. I repeat, this is a EXTREMELY LOCAL USE OF TERMINOLOGY!
Most other South Carolinians and non-South Carolinians alike find out and learn about this term while overhearing a conversation about Air Force One’s by two or more Tri-County residence or by hanging with a Charlestonian–allowing them to slowly digest this and other slang used in this city. This assimilation, or at bear minimum, understanding of the Charleston Slang and Unique dialect usually takes place on a college campus. Especially historically black colleges and universities in South Carolina.

Used just as one would to describe Air Force Ones with any other slang terms associated with these popular sneakers(A1s, 1s, AF1s, Forces)!

Ex: Eh, boi…you kno’ dem new Willie Dee’s droppin’ next week, ennit?

Translation: Hey boy, you are aware that those new Nike Air Force Ones are coming out next week, right?

“You call ’em Air Force Ones/ We call ’em Willie Dee’s”

–Carolina Pathfinders

ALSO KNOWN IN CHARLESTON AREA AS: Wills, Willies (alternate spelling: Willys) or/and Dee’s (alternate spelling: Dees)!