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William Morales
An illegal spick that gets younger every year. This border hopping mexican claims that he has a father in

rhode island and claims sal the local janitor at flhs is his father as well. Just the sound of his name makes the children of mount kisco shiver becaus he has molested them while he was working at bellize. This wetback has recantly died his hair blonde. IT really emphasizes his wiezal like nose. When this spick roles through the town of Mount Kisco keep youre children close and keeep youre butholes tight. This greasy spick can br located at Danbury in the basement of his exmanager which is supossely his dad. This wetback mountain made claims of dating countless women. We recently discovered this was a lie (99% of his life is a lie). Keep look out of a green hatchback spick mobile with blue seats containing a pinochio nosed spick.
Quates of william:
“All it is with me and olivia is sex!!!!!!!”
“Come on dont be bitch ass. William has no place to sleep to go.”-misspronounced on purpose cuz thats the way this greace monkey talks.
“I just had kfc and chinese, work out today”

“Dam William Morales, You use to be older then Alex and now youre younger then me”