Best definition
A hot guy who has a big Dick and is a baby daddy to everyone and is always being seen

at party’s with hot girls

Did you see Wilkes in that girls Buty last night at that party
Wilkes: define #2
A fat-ass that likes to jerk off in the corner during large parties.
Dude did you see Wilke last friday night?
Wilkes: define #3
One for whom the simple rules of logic and common sense do not apply. One who cannot grasp reality.
If Gary Coleman thinks he can win the California Governor’s race, he’s a real Wilke.
Wilkes: define #4
An individual who has lost touch with reality. An individual in which reasoning does not take affect. A person of obsessive nature. A person in isolation.
Hey man, you’re completely ‘wilke.’ Don’t mess with that guy, he’s ‘wilke-o.’ She’s worse than freaked-out…she’s gone ‘wilke.’
Wilkes: define #5
sexy punk birch
that chick is a wilkes!
Wilkes: define #6
Wild Crazy Ho 🙂
Wilkes: define #7
A fat ass Alaskan igloo dweller Who loves the IRL. Suffers from a severe multiple personality disorder leading him to believe “lefty” and his right hand mate “Fistina” love him for his personality. Hates CART and does not believe anyone atttends their races.
Wilke screws fistina while arguing with Lefty about Phoenix attendence in 1995.