wild n’ out

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wild n’ out
To act crazy when ya’ fave songs play, when you argue, when you see a dime, etc.
She was wild n’ out at the club last night when she saw her man talkin’ to this trick.
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wild’n out
To act in a crazy, insane, or humorous manner, usually involving improvising an action. Has similar meanings to the word Crunk.
That caffine had everyone wild’n out.
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Wild ‘N Out
Show hosted by Nick Cannon that is displayed on MTV. This is a comedy show that involves impromptu comedy like Whose Line is it Anyways, but with more of a hip-hop twist. Every week Nick Cannon is on the red team and various comedians and celebrities participate on the black team in order to take away Nick’s comedy belt. You can view more of the show at overdrive.mtv.com which includes extra clips that aren’t in the original show. The impromptu challenges vary from episode to episode, but at the end they do a freestyle battle called the Wildstyle. The Wildstyle is a chance for every funny punchline to get an additional point added to your score. The winner is the team with the most points.
“Have you seen that new show called Wild ‘N Out on MTV John,” said Bill.

Man, Nick Cannon is so funny on Wild ‘N Out too bad he makes so many bad movies and songs.

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Wild n’ Out
Pretty much a show that used to be funny but isn’t anymore

and consists solely of making fun of white people, ho’s and weaves.
Jeff: Hey what’s on t.v.?

T.V.:White people, Ho’s and Weaves

Jeff: Oh, Wild n’ out
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wild n’ out
The real pronounciation of the hit MTV show.
I’m going to go watch Wild n’ Out, not Wilin’ Out, because I speak English.
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wild n’ out
1. Girls getting horny in public, just so wild and out there that you can only say awesome. Or like your bro Tooth strip teasing cause he’s fucking stupid out of his mind.

2. Any television show that is completely irrelevant and/or retarded. In this show you got a host that fixes every fucking show so his team wins, what’s up with that?

1. “So yo Ricky, you got somethin’ to bone tonight?”

“Yeah I was goin’ wild n’ out and doin’ something on the low.”

“what another dude?”

“naw man, your mom, cause she’s a horse”

wah wah wah!!!

2. Hey this is Nick Cannon, I’m a giant penis.