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wikipedia administratorinternet
a tool or a geek or a dork that moderates wikipedia.

a wikipedia administrator is someone who mostly needs to get a life, mostly.
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wikipedia administrator
One who has little to no social life whatsoever, and instead has decided to become a tools on Wikipedia. Most editors are not admins, because everybody hates admins.
Hey do you want to be a wikipedia administrator?

No way dude, everybody hates them and I have social life.
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wikipedia administrators
Control freaks, retarded people who stay at home with the curtains closed with those rounded glasses and freckles analyzing every single page and every single spelling mistake on Wikipedia, editing it to get a PNG image of a star and creating a user profile page for no reason. They are nasty asses who nobody likes and everyone should rebel against them and boycott Wikipedia!
Bongwarrior is one of the thousands of evil wikipedia administrators.

Bongwarrior has disabled your editing for the following reason: “Misreputable information”

All I did was add one letter to someone’s name!

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Wikipedia Administrator
A Wikipedia Administrator is registered user at the online encyclopedia that has a number of “privileges” that allow them to do certain things regular users cannot. Wikipedia Admin are nominated and elected by other editors. They do not moderate the site, as is seen on message boards, as the site itself is maintained by the consensus of all involved or contributing to the discussion of a given subject. They have the ability to remove comments permanently, ban users and do a number of task associated with the encyclopedia when needed.
The Wikipedia Administrator was asked to scrub a comment on the talk that was uncivil and and went against the spirit of Wikipedia.