Best definition
A West Australian term for a stick of weed
Plural; wiks or wikkos
Hey man, can you hook me up with some wiks?
wik: define #2
A short way to say wiked. gives it more emphasis. can by typed and also used vocally- its wik!
In a conversation:

<A> Dave is having a phat party on friday!

<B> heh, wik!

wik: define #3
Verb- To use www.wikopedia.org to research something
“Hey Marshal, do you know anything about Gothic Art?”

“Nah dude, lets just wik it and learn something”
wik: define #4
wik: witty indie kid
Guy 1: Did you hear April mention the reference from ancient Greek Civilization in the new episode of Lost this week?

Guy 2: Yeah she’s such a fucking wik.
wik: define #5
A Polish person who is very mellow, but kind of crazy at the same time, and may seem different than what he looks like.
That crazy pollock looks all energetic, but he is just a Wik
wik: define #6
A word used when describing something as ‘wicked’ but not being bothered to say the whole word. Can also be said/spelt as ‘Wick’
“Man, that is WIK”

“What does that mean?”

“Check urban dictionary you twat…”

wik: define #7
Any major egghead rocket scientist, typically low in hair count, having a high forehead and predisposition towards Linux operating systems.
Look at that useless Wik in his pretentious lab coat.