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wiggly jiggly
The act of masturbation in slang.

Are you doing wiggly jiggly stuff down there?!

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wiggly jiggly
When you get drunk and high on weed, decided to jump some crazy gangsters, then get your ass kicked for being a total dumbshit. It also defines the limpness of your Mr. Dick after you take a cold shower (note: it is very hard to have sex with a wiggly jiggly) It also defines the state of your mind for being dumbshit enough to look up “wiggly jiggly” on a website.
1. I got my ass beat pullin off a wiggly jiggly!

2. I couldnt do it right with her with my wiggly jiggly!

3. Wow, im a total internet wiggly jiggly.
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Wiggly Jiggly
Wiggly Jiggly can mean anything you want it to mean! (:
Mom: [email protected]#@[email protected]$

Child: Oh stop being so wiggly jiggly.

Girl 1: oh my gosh i just got new shoes!`

Girl 2: that is so wiggly jiggly!

Random person: BARK!

Person: that was so wiggly jiggly…