Wiggle Town

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Wiggle Town
A quaint little section of Plattsburgh, NY considered by locals to be it’s own town. Wiggle Town is filled with

many colorful folk, from the man that sells potatoes out of the back of his truck, to the man that sells honey out of the back of his truck. Wigglers are typically red necks, welfare recipients, drunks, drug addicts or dealers, or general scummy people. However, their are some unfortunate souls who simply can’t afford to move anywhere else. Residents of wiggle town typically live one of the many trailer parks or small shacks Wiggle Town has to offer. All Wiggle Town dwellings are falling apart, and contain lawn decorations such as bath-tub Marys, cars and trucks in various states of disrepair, as well as the occasional school bus. Most yards also come complete with their own race car, or derby car loaded and ready for the local Airborne Speedway. A true Wiggler’s Truck and collection of dirtbikes, four wheelers, snowmobiles, etc is worth far more than his dwelling. And if you are a true Wiggler then you know after wandering around drunk in your pajamas, the best thing to do is go meet your girlfriend-sister at the Wiggle Town Walmart (Yeah, it says that on their shirts!)/redemption center for an ice cream!

-Hey man, wanna come with me to Plattsburgh and get something to eat?

-OK, just take the interstate, i don’t want to go through Wiggle Town again
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Wiggletown is Plattsburgh. There are scumbags no matter where you live, have you listen to the police reports??? Hate to tell you but I don’t see people selling stuff out of the back of their trucks and if they are, good for them, they are making a honest dollar. As for the people-you can find some that need to do something with their life, but that is every where. There are a lot of people that live in Wiggletown that have big hearts and if you needed a hand they would be the first ones to help you! If you are afraid to drive through Wiggletown it is probably because you are a idiot and are afraid of getting your your self in trouble because someone may recognize you. As far as everyone in Wiggletown living is shacks and being on Welfare that isn’t true either. Take a good look in your own back yard. I would also like to add that if your life is bad, don’t blame it on where you live, that is just a cop out. Look at who you are spending your time with. To the jackass that wrote the other definition, you probably stopped at the Wiggle town Walmart for a 30 pack.

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Wiggletown has people that are proud of where they grew up whether they were poor or not.