Best definition
A Caucasian female who believes themselves to be Hispanic (Puerto Rican esp.) or who wishes to act as if they

were African-American by adopting that culture. It seems to be a common thing among teenage girls these days.

Speaking in ebonics or with a fake accent.
Wiggerette: define #2
A caucasian girl who believes themself to be black. Usualy hangs around with a group of black guys and thinks she blends in. Usualy found wearing high cut shoes, wears brands like Ecko, Fubu, Rocca Wear. Wears basketball jerseys and furry beanie hats and speaks with a fake accent.
<Wiggerette> HAHA YO yo dawg look at dat white guy ova dere wit his fubu shirt an baggy pants, yo who do he tink he is yo.

<Random Black Guy> Yo lisa i hope you know you’re white too.

<Wiggerette> Ye but ima exception yo, white gurlz cant b wiggas.. ye dig??
Wiggerette: define #3
A white girl who just can’t get enough of all things black…big dick, hip hop, chicken, fubu, ecko etc. Whenever they talk it sounds like lil kim and get there tits out just as much in the hope that they “gonna bag themselves a big black mayne”.
Whitegirl – What do you think of Elaine?

Blackgirl – She’s such a wiggertte?

Whitegirl – What do you think of Jamal?

Elaine – Is he black?

Whitegirl – Ye

Elaine – I’ve sucked his dick…it’s huge!!!