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wigger syndrome
when a upper class white boy acts as though they are of another race (in this case black) and starts

throwing around money and wearing doo-rags on their heads when usually they make straight A’s in school and live in a rich neighborhood

Wigger 1: Yo yo brah, back your buttcrack up!

Wigger 2: Yeah homie take it!

Group of Kids on Corner of street: Hahahahaha he said buttcrack instead of asscrack, he must have the wigger syndrome!!!
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Wigger Syndrome
(noun) A syndrome that occurs when white people mentally think that they are black. They dress like they are black, talk like they are black, and act like they are black. This syndrome is closely related to Gender Identity Disorder and people who suffer from this should not be made fun of but should be given mental help.
John: Wow look at that white kid over there, he thinks he is black.

Tom: Don’t make fun of him, it looks like he suffers from Wigger Syndrome.