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:/ˈwinər-tÄ«-zər/: A prank or joke, usually performed by children in grades 1-5, in which the target’s penis, (hence wiener) is

grabbed a shaken around in rough, jerking movements. The wienertizer is traditionally performed on the target while he is seated at a lunch table by a single assailant hidden beneath said table. A classic wienertizer typically involves the collusion of multiple “friends” who distract the victim in order to conceal the sudden disappearance of the assailant from the table.Frequent performance of the wienertizer is a strong indicator of future homosexuality, while excessive wienertization can lead to serious developmental problems requiring years of therapy to unwind.

Dan (To Mike): Hey Dan, look over there! Is that tucan?

Mike: Huh, what?

(As Mike is distracted, Brian creeps under the table)


Dan: OOOHhhhh, Brian gave you a wienertizer!