Wicked witch

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Wicked witch
Your mother-in-law,whore,or your normal bitch.

Man:AHHH!!It’s the wicked witch,oh,no that’s

your bitchy mother-in-law.
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Wicked Witch
An explosive, messy bowel movement occurring when you are exceptionally intoxicated on drugs or alcohol. Often occurs suddenly and does not require consciousness.
Tom realized the wicked witch was coming too late to find a proper toilet.

Sally walked in her bathroom and suddenly realized the wicked witch had visited it the night before.

See also Wicked Witching, The Wicked Witch of the West, The Wicked Witch of the East
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Wicked witch
the leader of a group of girls flying monkey who are too stupid to think for themselves. Generally reasonably smart with dictator-like tendencies.
Kristen and Amanda reported to the wicked witch.
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wicked witch
Someone or something that causes a flaw or self-destructive quality to appear in someone (e.g in a snow white) or something else. Derived from the Wicked Witch in the tale ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ where the witch poisons Snow White with a red apple.
Friend1: “How’s your wifey situation going?”

Friend2: “It was going good now its got a wicked witch in it.”

Friend1: “Why?”

Friend2: “You know how my cousin’s best friends with my girl, well she told her that I was with a snow white when I went on hols and now she’s paranoid all the time.”
Wicked witch: define #5
Wicked witch
1)Bad Megan

2) a dirty bitch you think may be a lesbian, and sits at your lunch table for nine mintues too long

1)Person 1:”ding dong the witch is dead”

Person 2:’what kind of witch?’

Person 3:’the wicked witch u dumb fuckin bastard

2)Oh man look at that wicked witch