Wick Turbs

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Wick Turbs
The abbreviated combination of both Wicked and Turbo. The combination of both words results in soo much win, that it

should only be used to describe something so boss that any other word on the planet and/or combination of words will fail miserably in trying to accomplish what wick turbs can, and that is, describing the most awesome of awesome. If wick turbs was an action, it would be equivalent to punching yourself in the face repeatedly while mumbling ‘Thank you sir may I have another”…This word should be used sparingly, and only to describe the upmost, stupid moments of epic win.

bik boi: Cyborg pirate ninja jesus is such an awesome jesus.

EJPP: No dude, cyborg pirate ninja jesus is wick turbs.

bik boi:Wick Turbs?ohhhhh, like Ben Savage in little monsters?

EJPP:Exactly Ben Savage is wick turbs.

bik boi:woord!