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To persuade a girl to let a man have sex with her, then sometime later—for some reason—leave her, thus intentionally

or unintentionally indirectly forcing her to find another male and eventually other men to have sex with. To not whorize a girl a male can foresee what he would be doing by persuading her to have sex with him, knowing that sooner or later he would leave her and force her to become a slut.

The very handsome man decided to not even start seeing the girl who he thought flirted with him a few days ago, because believing she was a virgin, and knowing they would start soon start engaging in sexual intercourse, because he was planning to relocate to another city at the end of the summer, he foresaw that after he left she would probably find a different man to satisfy the habit of having sex and start jumping from man to man because she had been whorized.