whore’s bath

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whore’s bath
quickly washing the crotch and underarms as a quick way to get ready for sex.
“She quickly washed her crotch and underarms right before they had sex.”
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whores bath
Quickly washing your privates under running bath water for a minute but not taking full bath or shower.
Crap im running late from work no time to shower before my hot date. I think I will just take a quick whores bath in case we have sex.
whore’s bath: define #3
whores bath
n. a whores bath comes from the Latin term cleanus whorus which means to cleans in between relations.

Most prostitutes who gave themselves a “whores bath” would wash only the area’s of “interest” between relation sessions.
Wow! I just made $300 in ten minutes with one of my regulars. I think that I will give myself a whores bath so my privates are clean for the next customer.
whore’s bath: define #4
Whore’s Bath
when you wash the necessary areas as a lady that are needed, such as your pits privates and face…commonly called pirates bath as well.
By the time we were done i was so tired i could only take a whore’s bath before passing out.
whore’s bath: define #5
Whore’s Bath
The gentle dampening of a rag when one must cleanse oneself to use on vaginal area, usually between fuckin’s.
Eww, I just got space docked, let me take a whore’s bath and get all this shit out my vag.
whore’s bath: define #6
whore’s bath
washing face, armpits and genitalia
Mary just got done with her “John” now a quick whore’s bath and onto the next
whore’s bath: define #7
whores bath
Environments of self-care, spa treatments and magical healing by and for sex workers. Sex workers reclaim the terms used to stigmatize them, so that the new whores bath reclaims the role of sex workers as healers.
Let’s meet at the whores bath for a massage and a little Reiki!