Best definition
1. The act of being a whore.
2. Looking and being nasty. A whoreific sight.
3. Gross girl.
4. Usually used about someone

who has no self esteem and sleeps with guys to keep them around.but they only see her asa go-to girl. You know that they must be devastated on the inside. But on the outside they act proud of it.

Ex: Paris Hilton’s sex tape was a whoreific sight.

Girl 1 : she’s so proud of being nasty. Its impossible to embarrass her.

Girl 2: I know she’s oblivious to the fact that guys only use her.

Girl 1: I know watching her do this to herself is a whoreific sight.

Girl 2: I feel bad for her.she’s such a Go-To girl.

Girl 3: yeah, what a bitch.

whoreific: define #2
A man or woman known as a Whore but is good at it.
Damn that chic is whoreific