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Most commonly a woman to whom each of her children have a different father.

Brittany is pregnant again; she is such a whoreface.

See Also: whore, baby mama, Barbara Streisand
Whoreface: define #2
whore face
A whore that gets a mans semen ejaculated all over her dirty face.
That girl is a whore face, she always gets ejaculated on after oral sex.
Whoreface: define #3
a term of endearment that is sometimes used as an insult or expression of anger/pain
Awww whoreface i lerve you
Whoreface: define #4
A woman whose face has features that make it naturally look very sexual and provocative and as a result – make her look extremely sexually driven and/or promiscuous.
Look at that whoreface. I bet she gets a lot of action and has a hard time staying faithful to any one guy.
Whoreface: define #5
whore face
what i like to call evil gingers…. especially ones named caroline
Caroline: You dropped some pie on my new shoe!

Me: Haha

Caroline: Thats okay…

Me: Did I apologize, whore face?!
Whoreface: define #6
adjective that may describe any object or person that does not suit your immediate needs in a satisfactory manner.
Zombie #345: “Argh, arghm, yargh”

Munchable Human: “Shit, zombies are chasing us and this whoreface cell phone just died on me.

Whoreface: define #7
a virgin that likes to give oral sex to anyone.
The whoreface was all over my mans stuff