whoop it up

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whoop it up
A spontaneous, enthusiastic, and possibly excessive positive reaction to an event often characterized by rolling laughter, celebratory high-fives and exclamations such as snap, bam, or booyah.
Generally used to describe a crowd, but can also apply to individuals.
After holding his own throughout the debate, both in content and composure, Gregory knew he had been pwned after his opponent unleashed a final wicked zinger that had the entire crowd whooping it up.

Camera operators on the And 1 tour have mastered the fine art of transitioning from the on-court play to the off-court reactions of the fans, who have been known to whoop it up after particularly impressive displays of skill.

whoop it up: define #2
whoop it up
To have (or anticipate) a good time; to participate in a wild and exciting event

also used as a form of acceptance: i.e. person #1: do you want a beer?

person #2: yah guy, whoop it up.

Man, I can’t wait for the party tonight…We are going to WHOOP IT UP!!! oh yeah..
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whoop it up
1 – The initial masculine emotion that procedes after planning a big event.
Dumb guy: What are we going to do in Vegas?

Smart guy: Whoop it up! …you dumb bitch.